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AGV Helmets

AGV (Amisano Gino Valenza) is an Italian company, founded by Gino Valenza, which started out in 1946 making leather seats and motorcycle saddles. One year later they entered the world of motorcycles helmets and within a few years they had developed the first ever 100% fibreglass open faced helmet then soon went on to link with some of the greatest motorcycle racers of all time - Agostini, Sheene, Capirossi, Mamola, Biaggi, Rossi and many others.

AGV's legendary focus on safety, comfort and style is still inherent throughout their entire range available today. 

The current AGV helmet range includes; Corsa-R, GT Veloce, K5, K5-S, K3 SV,K-3, Compact-S, RP60, and AX-8 Dual Evo.